About us

The Doctors House was built 1901 and served as a hospital for the Hesteyri

Our father, Vagn Margeir Hrólfsson was born in Hesteyri 1938, he lived in
Hesteyri until he was about 7 years old and after that he was there during the summertime.

Our mother, Birna Hjaltalín Pálsdóttir bought the Doctors house 1994. She
decided to rebuild the house and finance that by opening a Cafe and
accommodation in the house. At first, the whole family was helping there,
fixing, painting, rebuilding, and working on shift to run the business. Birna
was leading the project and managing the first 20 years.

Since 2016 the oldest son in the family, Hrólfur Vagnsson is managing the
Doctors House. He is a well-known accordion player, he plays for the guests
between baking the famous Doctors House Pancakes with big applause.

2021 theDoctors House will be celebrating 25th anniversary.